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Oct 2, 2012 4:00am PDT
. won't have any any time soon. if you're watching us in yakima, washington, take a trip back in time and explore unique animals that roamed the yakima valley at the museum. >>> and now here's an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. well, apparently the kristen stewart cheating scandal hasn't damaged robert pattinson's stock. the "twilight" star has been named world's sexiest man in the glamour u.k. poll for the fourth straight year. >>> all right. seth mcfarland, the man behind "family guy" and the movie "ted" will host the next oscar ceremony. he joked he hopes organizers don't find out he also hosted the charlie sheen roast. >> i think the audience will be very nervous. >>> well, adele can add bond girl to her resume. she's going to debut the theme to the latest bond film "skyfall" this friday at 007 london time. >> she got her voices back. >> she came back a while ago though. >>> 37-year-old drew barrymore who got married in june has given birth to a little girl named olive. >>> oprah winfrey tops this year's "forbes" list of highest paid women earning $165 million
Oct 2, 2012 8:00pm EDT
downtown yakima between the unscripted debate between the candidates for governor. tonight's event is hosted by the association of washington state hispanic chambers of commerce and is produced by kcts and kyve and the "the yakima herald-republic." a special thanks to aarp for providing funding for tonight's broadcast, which is being heard on television and radio across the states and in oregon. i am joined tonight by the editorial page editor by the "the yakima herald-republic" who will join me in asking question to the candidates. each candidate will have one minute closing and opening restatements. the opening statements will be followed by questions. questions will come from frank and myself. each candidate will receive the same question and will have one minute to respond and a 32nd rebuttal age. we have given the candidates these challenge cards to use during the debate. they will get two of these each, which they can use for the record challenge for something an opponent says. they have 30 seconds to state their challenge. and they will get 30 seconds to respond. frank and i wi
Oct 25, 2012 6:00am PDT
to translating research on induced pluripotent stem cells into clinical applications. shinya yakima ta and john gurdon were recently awarded this year's nobel prize in physiology or medicine. ips cells can be programmed to grow into a variety of tissues leading to high hopes that they can be used to treat illnesses. yamanaka and gurdon were speaking at the gladstone institutes in san francisco on wednesday. it was their first joint news conference since receiving this year's nobel prize. yamanaka said gurdon has been an inspiration to him since they first met. >> he is an active scientist, still. so that's what i really respect. so i want to be like him 20-some years later with hair, too, of course. >> i'm full of administration for the work that shinya has done. in fact, as i said before, if it weren't for his work, i think we would have long since disappeared into obscurity. >> yamanaka spoke about the risks and benefits of clinical applications of ips cells. >> balance between risk and benefit is what we have to consider. what we can do is to minimize risks as much as possible. >
Oct 14, 2012 11:15am EDT
right? >> yakima movies with israel breadwinner. at one point he realized them spending more time on my essays than i ever did on the tv. he loved working on this essays and it shows. a beautiful pieces. >> he has a lot to say quietly sent to say about jfk. and it wasn't very complimentary. i had heard that jfk before he was assassinated had told his brother may be bad with got to see this thing through, which they never should've gotten into in the first place. but i just wondered, what do you have to say? jfk, was he a relative? >> now, jackie was a relative. he and jackie had the same stepfather. q5 can cause -- vidal's mother married a couple times. jackie's mother ended up marrying among several marriages, too. but yeah, he hated kennedy and read a scathing essay is reprinted. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> can you describe your research process a little bit clicks if you saw to primary documents or biographies anyhow you cannot researching your book. >> a lot of it is just a note at the library. i spent a lot of time at the library. i was surprised at how much the piece of the
Oct 21, 2012 8:30am EDT
very much. [applause] before we have questions -- yakima are going to have questions now. >> wait for the night. i will come around with the mic. [inaudible] one quick announcement, we are going to the book signing redrick this front table, so i'll ask you to make your way to the bookstore, purchased ralph nader spoke, get the book by david thompson, birgit back and do the same in this room. we'll ask you to along the metal side of the room to this table. that's all i have. what you think c-span c-span's booktv are coming out. we'll start right here at the questions. >> mr. nader, i have one question. [inaudible] [laughter] >> i've run several times as most of you know. there's some good candidates now, third-party candidates, green party, joe stein, rocky andersen justice party and others at the more conservative persuasion that are on the ballot to give voters more choice. we have documented through litigation and our writings that this is a rather vicious two-party duopoly that doesn't want competition in increasingly calls for the same campaign dollars, so they become less and les
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5